Rashtriya Indian Military College Entrance Exam


Before introducing RIMC Coaching , we must first understand what Rashtriya Indian Military College is all about. RIMC has a long history and rich traditions. Over the year’s the alumni have produced many leaders of the society, both military as well as civil, which included four Chiefs of Army Staff, two Chiefs of the Air staff and one Chief of Naval Staff in India; one Commander-in-Chief of the Army and two Chiefs of the Air Staff in Pakistan; scores of officers of General/Flag/Air rank, Commanding Corps, Fleets, Wings and Divisions and other distinguished appointments on both the sides of the border. Besides, many high civilian dignitaries like Governors, Ambassadors, Ministers and Captains of industry have passed through the hallowed portals of the RIMC. Portraits of such luminaries adorn our walls at strategic places as inspiring beacons for young students of the day.

VISION : The purpose of this Institution was to provide Indian Boys with suitable education and training to ensure a high pass-rate for the Indians being sent to the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, as part of the Indianisation program of the Officer cadre of the Indian Army. RIMC was not, in fact, a College, but a pre Sandhurst institution run along the lines of an English Public School. The British believed that to become an Army Officer, if an education in Britain was impossible, a public school education in India was an absolute necessity. The British believed that public school education was particularly necessary for Indian Boys, whose up bringing made them suitable for the rigors and self-discipline of army life. Hence, with this vision to lay the foundation for the selected young men, the College makes endeavor to enable them to manage the National security affairs in later life, to become a feeder institution to NDA, NAVAC, and also enable Cadets to apply for CME & Technical entry (CTW) and any other schemes from where Cadets can join the Defence Services.

WHY RIMC :  The Rashtriya Indian Military College is a ‘Nursery of Leadership’ for institutions like National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla, Officers’ Training Academy, Chennai, and Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. The College provides public school education to young boys in the age group of 11 1/2 to 18 years, specially selected through an All India Competitive Examination. A dedicated feeder to the National Defence Academy and the NAVAC Academy, the College aims to send maximum Boys to the NDA/NAVAC. Hence it lays emphasis on complete education and all round personality development of the cadets. However, if the Cadet is Unable to join the NDA due to rare or unavoidable reason, he attains enough proficiency like those who have gone on to becoming bureaucrats, lawyers, engineers and journalists, holding the RIMC Falg aloft in all the avenues they endeavoured in.

ACADEMICS : The College is administered by the Union Ministry of Defence, through the Directorate General of Military Training, Army. RIMC holds the Limca Book of Records of being the first Military School in India where exams for Class X and XII are conducted twice a year, in the month of May and November. These exams/certifications are recognized by the CBSE. The College offers only the Science Stream at the +2 level. However, to prepare the Cadets for the UPSC examination for entry into NDA, Social Sciences are also taught. The curriculum requirements are exacting yet exciting in their variety. Every activity is objective based and precisely timed to mould future leaders and render holistic development.

Periodic tests are held regularly to ensure that the Cadets grasp and assimilate the course of study covered in each month. After the term end examination, each Cadet’s academic record is comprehensively analysed and his position in class decided; both curricular and extracurricular achievements of a term are recorded in his dossier. Due weightage is also given to the sessional work done by a Cadet both in terms of class work and homework for his promotion to the next class. Cadets are familiarized with the modern objective type of questions to prepare them to competently face the UPSC Examination for entry into the NDA and NAVAC. RIMC has shown excellent results in sending more than 81% cadets to NDA from each course (as compared to the National average which stands at 0.6 %).

General Guidelines : The College provides education on the lines of residential public schools, principally for boys who desire to join the Defence Forces of India. Those who do not succeed in this aim or decide against it are well qualified to join a college or professional institution on graduation from the RIMC.


  1. Approx 25 cadets are admitted every six months.
  2. Candidates should not be less than 111/2years of age or must not have attained the age of 13 on 01 (Jan) or 01 (July) of the Term they join in.
  3. Admissions are made to Class VIII only. The candidate must be studying in Class VII or have passed Class VII from a recognized school at the time of joining.
  4. Application forms are to be submitted to the respective State Governments. Candidates are selected on the basis of their performance in an All India Entrance Examination held twice a year comprising a written examination of question papers in English (125 Marks), Mathematics (200 Marks) and General Knowledge (75 Marks), Successful candidates are called for Viva Voce test (50 marks). To know more login to   www.rimc.gov.in

NOTE:  Admissions are made to Class I (equivalent to Class VIII) only. The candidates should be studying minimum in Class VII in a recognized school at the time of Admission to the RIMC. They should also be medically fit for entry to the College, in accordance with the medical standards prescribed.


AGE:  The Admission to the College is bi-annual i.e., in January and July each year. Candidates (Boys only) should not be less than 111/2 years of age but must not have attained the age of 13 on 01 January or 01 July of the Term they join in.

NoteThe actual dates notified from time to time, by the Government of India, in all the National/leading newspapers will be adhered to.


Classroom Programme:

  • 1 Year  Course for Deep Preparation of Exam
  • 6 Months / 3 Months & 45-Days Revision Crash Courses.
  • We prefer very limited members in a batch so that teachers can personally contact with the    students with much ease.
  • Specially Designed Study Materials and Worksheets on each topics
  • Intensive Practice Sessions and doubt classes By Expert faculty
  • Guidance from The Academy experts to define the Study Plan with the Best Strategy
  • We prepare the students for Interview Sessions and Group Discussions also
  • Daily update on General Awareness topics from all sectors
  • Monthly PTA Meetings: Parents get updates on their child’s performance during monthly meetings
  • Full-length mock tests & section wise practice questions
  • Hostel Facility For Students with Safe Environment

Online / Live Course:

  • Video Lecture on all Subjects By Experienced Faculty
  • Live Classes to Solve Model Papers
  • E-Notes with Examples of all Subjects
  • Practice Set with Solution
  • Unit- wise Online Test Series
  • Trend analysis & Teaching Plan
  • Previous Year Questions and Solutions

Schooling + Hostel Program:

  • India’s Biggest Boarding / Day Boarding School For Rashtriya Indian Military College Entrance Exam Preparation
  • 100% Guaranteed Success in  Exams With Schooling by Francis Sainik Academy
  • Hostel Facilities With in Campus for the students.
  • Special Classes for Personality Development, Communication, and Spoken English
  • Fee concession for Defence Personnel

Hostel Facility:

  • Safety: CCTV cameras at entrances of all hostels.
  • Fooding: Best Mess service with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Milk, Eggs extra.
  • 24×7 electricity and water supply in all hostel.
  • Exclusive uninterrupted study room for students.
  • Medical facility available with free medicines provided to sick students.
  • Laundry, Hair Cutting facility with in Hostel.


The Examination comprises of:-

A. Written Examination : The written part of the examination consists of three subjects i.e English (125 Marks), Mathematics (200 Marks), and General Knowledge (75 Marks). Maths and General knowledge papers may be answered either in Hindi or in English. To qualify, a candidate must obtain a minimum of 50 % marks in each subject.
B. Viva Voce : The oral examination consists of a Viva Voce test of 50 marks, which is designed to assess a candidate's intelligence, personality and confidence. The minimum passing marks will be 50%.
C. Medical Examination : All the candidates, qualified after interview, will undergo a medical examination at selected Military Hospital and only those candidates found medically fit, will be considered for selection and admission to the RIMC. Medical Examination of the candidates forms only a part of the system of selection and does not guarantee the final selection.

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